The Holy Mountain – with a brand new Asteroid Deluxe rescore.


The original film poster

The space rock band I play with, Asteroid Deluxe, have a great new commission: To perform a live soundtrack to Alejandro Jodorowsky’s The Holy Mountain at the Greenman festival this summer.  This 1973 cinematic masterpiece is a surreal tale of a thief who through an encounter with a mystical alchemist gets led on a spiritual journey along with seven business people (each representing ugly human traits) to the fabled “Holy Mountain”.  The film is unquestionably psychedelic in its visual design but also in its underlying meaning.  This makes it an ideal film for Asteroid Deluxe!

Here is a brief trailer for our show:

We have written a brand new score for the film and have tried to avoid mimicking the original soundtrack which coincidentally has just been issued on vinyl for the first time recently by Finders Keepers.  Our rescore features nearly two hours of brand new music and contains much variation ranging from pulsating beats and acid dripped guitars to introspective acoustic moments all played live with no sequencers or backing apart from the dialogue track. The imaginative, vibrant and violent scenes in the film, have inspired us to come up with a heady brew of different influences and musical intensities.

There is a good feature about the film here but beware it contains spoilers!


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8 responses to “The Holy Mountain – with a brand new Asteroid Deluxe rescore.

  1. David

    Hi Gaz, I watched this at Greenman and your score and performance were fantastic! Is there any recordings from this – or are you planning to release the score you have created with the film? Would love to experience it all over again.

  2. Bert Marcel

    The best thing I saw at greenman, looking forward to those recordings.

  3. Wobbly Bob

    Think you may have blown three young minds in the crowd near me at Greenman. Expect they may have been under the influence of something that intensified the experience, but they were really getting into it by the look on their little faces and the ‘WOAH’s!!!’ and ‘OOOO’s!’ coming from them.
    I’ve seen a few of these ‘re-scoring’ projects over the years and this one was by far the best in terms of the overall atmosphere fitting the visuals, it’s actually far better than the real soundtrack from memory. It sounded like the whole band had put some real effort into both the composition and the performance, rather than throwing some music they already had to a film and hoping it fit. Want to see it again now! Thanks and congrats, everyone I spoke to at the festival and since who saw it was really impressed and loved the whole spectacle/experience.

  4. Sounds amazing! I had never heard of the film before, but now I wish I had a chance to view it with your soundtrack!

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