Korg Gadget – Mobile Multiple Synthesizer Studio


Korg created a real surprise today when they launched their new iOS music app Gadget at the Namm 2014 winter show. It is a music production suite of 15 “gadgets’ within a sequencing environment. I had just returned from a late night rehearsal when I read about the new launch. I immediately downloaded it and thought it would be great fun to film a first impression of it without any preparation. Below is the first part of my first look:

And here is the second part:

In order to make this little film, I downloaded a piece of software for my Mac called Reflector. It allows you to use your Mac as an Airplay client for your iPad, therefore able to record the screen. I hadn’t used it before so I apologise for the audio glitching which I think was due to that.

I had written a full review following my first impression but sadly due to incompetence on my part, I lost it all 😦 If I can be bothered I’ll get around to writing it again.

*Update* I decided to do a follow up video after I’d had a further investigation of the app.  Here it is:


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15 responses to “Korg Gadget – Mobile Multiple Synthesizer Studio

  1. You seem to have a bad habbit of losing stuff 🙂 This review, your OP-1 tapes 😀

    Sorry.. couldn’t help it.

    Speaking on topic, it was an instant buy. I love it. It’s brilliant. It has the best sequencer I’ve found on the iPad.

    I have the iPad air, it plays nice, but it has a large buffer and even with my Launchkey mini it still lags a little. the UI is a little laggy too. But that’s with all Korg’s apps.

    Hopefully, when Michael & Sebastian from Audiobus will whitelist it and it will appear in our slots, I’ll be able to force its buffer to 256 and gain some speed.

    PS: Check out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0yUMh-O9fp8 UVI Beathawk. It seems they have a winner there.

    • gazgoldstar

      Hi Alex, losing stuff is an occupational hazard I have. Probably down to the fact that I sometimes work very late into the night and get a bit sleepy on the job!

  2. jonowise

    Hi Gaz the videos arent working , looking forward to seeing them

  3. Adrian

    Hi Gaz, still no luck with the videos. Tks!

    • gazgoldstar

      Hmm the vids should be working now. Maybe try refreshing my blog post.

      • Adrian

        Don’t know if it’s my problem but I keep refreshing the page and every time I get the “video not available” message. I just now was able to find these 2 videos searching directly in youtube (they weren’t showing up before), so I will watch them there.

        Thanks a lot for taking the time to do this review! I always enjoy reading your blog and watching your videos.

  4. Buska

    Hey Gaz, nice video. I posted a link on the Audiobus forum.
    I found this when looking at the file structure..

    Seems to show some new instruments 😀


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  6. Great that you are delving deeper into this app. 😉

    For me this was also an instant buy. I love Korg apps, also on PC.

    I have some questions.
    1) Is there an undo option ? Particulary if you record automation parameters by fidling the knobs and buttons, things sound fantastic but eventually somethings goes wrong.

    2)Is there a reset-track or reset-automation somewhere ?

    3)When i play with the main cutoff knob in Chicago 303 unit, 6 out of 10 times i get to see the gadget-selection screen. Does that happen to you ?
    or is there a lock option somewhere to lock the screen to a device ?

    4)Is there a rotation/linear setting for the knobs ?

    5) In the information (I) button om the main screen, Gadget lists all the other Korg apps I have installed and also the ones I haven’t installed. But when I press on one of them, nothing happens. Do you know if Korg plans to integrate apps like IMS-20 or IElectribe ?

    I hope you can find some time for my questions, I wouldn’t want to take too much of your time, that you could spend at Gadget.

    Kind regards, 😉

    Sander J Alkemade
    From Nijmegen, The Netherlands

    • gazgoldstar

      Hi Sander, good find! There were some things there that I didn’t know such as slide left on an automation track’s name to delete. Also I hadn’t looked in the iOS settings either where there is some useful settings for reducing latency and changing knob gesture (which was one of your questions!) it’s also interesting to see the control for background audio says that when used with Audiobus is automatically switched on. This bodes well for an early update including support for Audiobus. I think you may have found out all the answers you were looking for but is there anything I can still answer?

      • Hello Gaz, It never occurs to me that there is this whole settings thing in IOS outside of the app. Thanks for that. No I think my questions are more or less answered. I bombarded the Korg forum with them as well. 😉

        But now I have your attention for a few seconds. Lately you seem to develop a love for deep and complex apps. Great ! Let other people cover the shallow apps.

        Have you ever tried the free version of Noatikl 2 ? There are so many options and parameters in that app… maybe worth a look ? And please do continue to release your own video’s about apps.


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