About Gaz Williams


I am a Welsh Bristol based musician and music technology expert.  I have been playing bass guitar since 1987 and have worked as a music producer since 2001.  I have also appeared regularly on the music technology website Sonic State both as a panelist and a presenter since 2010.

I have played bass with a wide variety of artists including Karl Hyde, David Rhodes, Marc Almond, Carl Baràt, William D Drake, Charlotte Church and many others.  I currently play with Bristol based Surf rockers The Rumble-O’s and Cardiff based art rock band Rocketgoldstar. I also perform with Bristol’s Asteroid Deluxe, a space rock/ Krautrock influenced improv outfit.

You can read about the world tour I recently undertook with Karl Hyde from Underworld here.

You can read about the rock opera Pop’pea that I played bass in and was involved in the under lying music technology  here.

As a music producer I have contributed to over 200 commercial releases. A selection of which can be found here.

15 responses to “About Gaz Williams

  1. gaz…the new site looks great!

  2. Loving the site and your stuff on sonicstate

  3. Greg Killmaster

    bookmarked to follow daily. So good to hear you have your own site!

  4. Taddy

    OK, now we know where to find you!! Peace and love from jazz bassist Taddy Mowatt and Jaqui too!

  5. Hey Gaz, check this software, http://x-mirage.com/ it lets you record all audio and video of the ipad onto PC or Mac. With an idiot proof interface.
    Best regards,

    Sander J Alkemade

  6. Kilroy

    I have just had the new JAMSTIK wireless guitar iOS interface for about a week and it’s changed everything about my music on the iPad. Sonic Touch should have a look !

  7. ben

    Hey Gaz , Love your skills and Sonicsate contributions. Was wondering if you were interested in having a listen to some stuff I’ve been working on. I know you are busy. Thinking of switching gears and getting into music production. Would love to hear your thoughts. cheers https://soundcloud.com/ben-roy email: liquidsky3k@hotmail.com

  8. Eric

    Hey Gaz, from a long-time follower in SF, CA: love the many commentaries, reviews, music production enthusiasm, and various insights you’ve published online, not to mention the music! If you’ve got time, more Cubase Focus episodes please (being a long-time Cubase user myself, too), these have been quite elucidating and interesting.

  9. Mick Daniels

    Hi Gaz, just saw you on sonic state boutique speak- love the vibe you have, and your little yellow sledge thingy, best of luck with it ! oh and i’m a reface CP owner lol, don’t hate me I love it:)
    Mick Daniels, aka mik300z from YT

  10. Thomas Hacker

    Hello Gaz

    Can you tell me if your new MIDI bass is based on the same design as the Peavey MIDI Bass? I bought mine when they first came out in 1993, and still have it to this day. The later version (the Cyber Bass) was one that I didn’t much care for. I don’t even know what the differences between the two of them are other than appearance.
    The Peavey basses have hardwired MIDI (note switch) fret boards like yours, and if I’m not mistaken, there appears to be a small digital readout display on the horn, much like mine.

    Tom H.

    • gazgoldstar

      Hi Thomas, yes the bass I have is designed by Steve Chick who was the designer of the Peavey Cyberbass and the Wal before that. Mine has various improvements and I am finding it pretty responsive so far.

      • Thomas Hacker

        Hello Gaz

        Mine is the predecessor to the Cyber Bass. Peavey just called it the MIDI Bass. Is Steve Chick the man who designed that as well? It does have the hard wired frets that allow you to trigger and sustain MIDI notes.
        That was one of the main reasons I jumped at the chance to buy one back when they were first released so many years ago. My Roland bass never really tracked all that well, so it was more of a toy than anything else.

  11. Steve Barile

    Hi Gaz,
    Was hoping to chat via email. I had some questions for you about a midi controller we’re working on. Would love to get your feedback on it.

  12. Hey Gaz, Wanted to try and get to you somehow outside of youtube and sonicstate as my brother loves you and pointed me your way. I have corresponded w Nick and take it was an overlook. So here I am. I am not awfully familiar but have watched some videos recently and commented letting you know about midi software/ soon to be hardware as well. There is only one developer and one ux designer so trying to keep it small but wanted to get you on board if you are interested. Check it out and the intro vid done for namm and let us know. I think you will be pleasantly surprised and find much use. Anyway as can tell I am very enthusiastic and will leave it at that. Hope all is well! 🙂

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